Whether your audience is in the room or remote, we deliver experiences that spark engagement and designed to build better client experiences. 


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  • Corporate Parties
  • Stakeholder Conference
  • Tradeshows
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Community Outreach

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If anyone is looking for an event coordinator that has incredible strength in laying out a well detailed plan and ensuring that it is executed to perfection I would highly recommend Laura (Owner, Pro It Out Marketing). In my years working with her,  she was the driver behind many highly successful shows. These shows would cater to 3,000+ Guests. These events required great planning to ensure all stages for demonstrations were set up correctly and also that the customers knew exactly where they need to be in order to take full advantage of the great education. Also setting up the show room floor for selling multiple vendors products was handled very well and she demonstrated Her strength and ensuring that all knew what to do. I have many great memories of very long days often reaching 20 hours before we could take a rest.

Tim M.

As an Event Coordinator at the Aerial Company, Laura (Owner, Pro It Out Marketing) successfully coordinated and managed a variety of types of events for the company.

I worked with Laura for just under 10 years at the Aerial Company. While at the Aerial Company, Laura created program templates that were creative, organized, and impactful. Laura was ridiculously efficient at her job. Over time, she reduced the amount of staff required to support events by approximately 50%. This was largely due to her planning and organizational skills. Additionally, when things didn’t go as planned, Laura was very willing to jump in and do what was necessary to pull a successful event off. This included loading/unloading shipping pallets, late nights of replacing stage carpet, re-merchandising product displays, and too many other things to name.

If our new company ever started doing events, Laura would be the first person we would reach out to!

Dave A.

As Senior Regional Manager of the Mid West, Laura (Owner, Pro It Out Marketing) was key in helping organize events for the Aerial Company. Her planning and forward thinking of all aspects of an event was outstanding. My Account Executives were able to promote and demo product with clients and potential clients to include meeting areas to close sales. Laura’s efforts were endless and transparent to attendees of the complex nature of an event. I strongly recommend Laura as part of any team. Internal and external costumers will thank you.

Mike B.